Land|Slide: Possible Futures

Museum-topography_websmallLAND|SLIDE : Possible Futures was a large site specific Art Exhibition in 2013 in Markham, Ontario, one of the oldest, most culturally diverse and fastest growing suburbs in North America. The line is a critical formal element of the exhibition. In 2010, a proposal for a food belt in the Markham area, a line designed to curtail development into Ontario’s prime agricultural lands was narrowly defeated.

was a multisectoral project that invited 20 artists—local and international, emerging and established—who work in a variety of media, and whose practice has been engaged with ecological issues to develop different interpretations of the concept of the line.

SHORT HISTORY OF LAND: An Exhibition on Possible Futures, site specific land art exhibition in Markham Ontario Museum and surrounding area, 2013 (ten artist residencies).

Theme: The Future of Urban Development in the Context of Climate Change.