In the House, On the Street

“In the House, On the Street.” Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film, Symphony in the Barn, Durham, Ontario (program of films and videos), August 2004.

This program of films and videos explores spaces of living in and traversing urban and rural settings. Divided between two interdependent topographies, the street and the house, each work is a creative engagement with the relation between objects, places and people that built environments call forth. The ephemeral nature of everyday life, absent-minded encounters in the street, the boundary that divides public and private, action and emotion, and finally, the temporal sedimentations that support the places where people live together are all explored. Taken together, the works in this program create a tapestry of stories that helps us recognize the central importance of home and belonging in an age of increasing mobility and homelessness. The program argues that we cannot comprehend home without homelessness; we cannot decipher the house without the street on which it is built.